AT198 Personal Alcohol Tester

AT198 Personal Alcohol Tester
Sensor: Advanced semiconductor(flat surfaced)sensor
Alarm Level: 0.25mg/L; 0.50g/L; 0.05%BAC; 0.5‰BAC
Power: 2*AAA alkaline battery
Warm-up Time: <18 s
Response Time: <8 s
Dimension: 102*37*20mm
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Advanced flat surfaced sensor

Energy saving & environment friendly

Quick response, excellent accuracy

Portable and fashion design

Audio waring beyond preset limit

Battery saved design, low voltage warning

Technical Data

Test range: 0.00-1.00mg/L; 0.00-2.00g/L;
             0.00-0.20%BAC; 0.00-2.00‰BAC
Alarm Level: 0.25mg/L; 0.50g/L;
             0.05%BAC; 0.5‰BAC
Accuracy: ±0.02%BAC at 0.05%BAC
Power: AAA battery
Working Temp: 0℃-50℃
Working Humidity: ≤93% RH No dews
Warm-up Time: < 18 s
Response Time: < 8 s

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