Law Enforcement

The role of alcohol in road traffic collisions, particularly those resulting in death and serious injury, is a major international problem. The risk becomes proportionately greater as the alcohol level rises, so that most countries now have legislation which defines the maximum level of alcohol a person may have in his or her body while driving. To enforce this, the Police in most countries rely on breath analysis for alcohol measuring purposes.

breath alcohol tester for law enforcement

The police are keen on using the latest technologies available in an Alcohol Tester to speed up their job and prevent more people from causing harm to themselves and those around them. One of the best ways to do this is by using a portable police alcohol tester that can swiftly and conveniently detect the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of not just one but a huge number of people.

Hanwei law enforcement breathalyzer for roadside testing provide easy, accurate, and trouble-free operation in the field or at the station. We collaborate with police departments and law enforcement agencies to customize highly effective solutions.

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