Digital breath alcohol tester - which is right for you?

Breath alcohol tester is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content (BAC)in use today. Breathalyzers estimate the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs.

We've categorized all digital breath alcohol tester models into one of two categories: personal breathalyzers, which use flat surfaced sensors, and professional alcohol tester, such as AT8100/AT8800,AT7000,AT8900, which use fuel cell sensors.

What is the difference between a fuel cell sensor and flat surfaced sensor?

Fuel cell sensors are used by law enforcement as they are more accurate and hold calibration longer then semiconductor sensors.

Flat surfaced sensors are good for testing the presence of alcohol, but their long term accuracy is far poorer than fuel cell sensors.

Which breath alcohol tester is right for me?

If you need an accurate reading, you should buy a breath alcohol tester using fuel cell sensor. Law enforcement and businesses typically purchase these models, although they are often purchased for individual use too.

If you are simply screening for the presence of alcohol on somebody's breath buying a breath alcohol tester that uses semiconductors may be appropriate, These models are often used for self-testing or testing friends and family.


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