Are all breath alcohol tester the same?

The short answer is – no, breath alcohol tester are not the same. Research has shown a direct correlation between a person's Blood Alcohol Concentration(BAC) and their breathing. Breath Alcohol Test can come into play by showing the level of alcohol in the person's body system by simply doing what comes naturally, breathing.

Most breath alcohol tester use either fuel cell sensor technology or semiconductor sensor technology to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person's blood. This is a non-intrusive way that indirectly measures BAC by measuring the amount of alcohol on one's breath.

Semiconductor alcohol sensors are used in the least expensive personal breathalyzers with moderate accuracy. Fuel Cell testers sensors are more expensive and highly accurate used in more sophisticated and professional breathalyzers.

For personal, home, employers, and traffic police, Hanwei Electronics breath alcohol tester offer users a high level of accuracy and reliability.


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