Why Install a Coin Operated Alcohol Tester

Restaurants and bar owners have a unique opportunity to make money with alcohol testers and breathalyzers. On a commercial level this investment will not only keep your guests safe but will also provide your business with another revenue stream.

A coin-operated alcohol tester is ideal for public use. These can often be found in bars or factories that want to avoid as much trouble as possible. As the name suggests, the unit takes in coins in order to operate and only requires a fresh batch of straws for every use to avoid contamination.

AT319 Coin Operated Alcohol Tester

AT319 is a coin-operated alcohol tester designed for large work places, public use in bars, restaurants or anywhere alcohol is consumed. It provides accuracy and a new user-friendly operation process to ensure users can conveniently self-administer their own alcohol tests with confidence.

The AT319 coin-operated alcohol tester utilizes an electrochemical fuel cell sensor utterly immune to substances other than alcohol. Its sturdy housing ensures increased durability, allowing to install the breathalyzer in any place not exposed to weather.

Our alcohol tester products vary in function, size and price, so it should be easy for you to pick the one that best suits your unique needs.


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