The benefits of using a digital breath alcohol tester

A breath alcohol test is an estimate of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The digital breath alcohol tester offers one piece of information to help you make a safe decision about drinking and driving.

There are numerous legitimate reasons why using an alcohol testing device can prove beneficial:

Driving safety is a primary consideration, Driving under the influence of alcohol can be deadly. Personal alcohol testers are very useful as a preventive measure.

Workplace safety is a important consideration and many employers whose employees drive trucks or operate other heavy machinery implement breath testing on a random basis.

Law enforcement officers who patrol the streets and highways often administer a breath test in order to determine whether the driver is drunk.

There are two main types of breath alcohol testers used today. The first type uses semiconductor sensors to detect alcohol content. For personal and home use, these personal breath alcohol testers are the least expensive / accurate.

The second type of device uses fuel cells. The higher the concentration of breath alcohol, the more electricity that will be generated. The device measures the strength of the current to determine the breath/blood alcohol content (BAC). These professional-grade digital alcohol testers are more sensitive than alcohol testers with semiconductor sensors and provide extremely accurate results.


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