Portable breath alcohol tester with printer

A Breath alcohol tester is a effective instrument used to measure an individual's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from their breath. BAC describes the percentage of alcohol present in the blood. Put simply, the higher the BAC number, the greater the impairment.

Breath alcohol tester has two major types of products, the professional alcohol testers are useful to law enforcement agencies, transportation agencies, workplace; while the personal breathalyzers are useful for responsible drivers, personal and home.

AT8800 portable breath alcohol tester with printer

Breath testing is the most convenient, easy, and painless method of estimating BAC. It is the most common test performed by law enforcement officials, who use portable breathalyzers to conduct roadside tests.

The AT8100/AT8800 alcohol tester use a proprietary electrochemical sensor (fuel cell), provides highly accurate alcohol test results in seconds. Need to print your results? No problem. AT8100/AT8800 is fully compatible with the optional portable bluetooth printer.


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