Personal breathalyzers - Prevent drunk driving

Personal breathalyzers are convenient, handheld breath alcohol concentration (BAC) testing devices that can be carried in a pocket, bag or on a keychain. Users can easily carry out DUI prevention through a personal breathalyzer, More and more people are buying and using personal breathalyzers.

AT8030 personal breathalyzers

Hard core drunk drivers are a major threat to the safety of themselves and others. Since alcohol impairs your judgment, for your safety and that of others, you want to have a breathalyzer on hand to let you know for certain whether you can drive or not.

Personal breathalyzers rely on two main types of sensors: Fuel cell sensors and semiconductor oxide sensors. Fuel cell based breathalyzers render the best results, but are often pricier compared to semiconductor devices.
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The surest way to prevent drunk driving is to abstain from drinking, but when that's not an option, carry a breathalyzer. Carry it for yourself or carry it for your friends. If you plan to use a personal breathalyzer to avoid DUI, make absolutely sure that you follow the instructions carefully.


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