Personal breath alcohol tester: Do you really need it?

How can you know if you have really recovered from several drinks? Can a personal breath alcohol tester help you make a decision about driving after drinking? The best practice to follow when you have been drinking is to avoid driving altogether. However, some people purchase personal breathalyzers in order to gauge their own BAC so that they can drive as soon as possible after drinking.

personal breath alcohol tester

There are several benefits of owning your own personal breath alcohol tester.

Help your friends and colleagues make responsible decisions after consuming alcohol.

Breath alcohol tester is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. Since they’re portable and compact, you can carry them with you and easily measure your BAC.

Another major benefit is the fact that the results are instant. When you need to check your blood alcohol level, A fuel cell breath alcohol tester can display your BAC within seconds.

There are two main types of personal breathalyzers on the market, each operating at a different level and targeted at a different market. The cheapest type, which generally appears in the type you might find in a drug store, uses a semi-conductor sensor. If you want consistent, accurate results, then you should spend your money on a breath alcohol tester that uses a fuel cell sensor.


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