Factors that affect blood alcohol content

Blood alcohol content (BAC), also called blood alcohol concentration, or blood alcohol level, is the amount of alcohol present in the blood, which is most commonly used as a metric of alcohol intoxication for legal or medical purposes. The breath alcohol tester is a device for estimating blood alcohol content from a breath sample. The concentration of the alcohol in breath will be proportional to its concentration in the blood.

factors that affect blood alcohol content

With the improvement of personal safety awareness, the demand for alcohol tester is also increasing. Then it is very important to understand that many factors contribute to blood alcohol content. Factors that affect BAC as follows:

Gender – gender will affect the blood alcohol content as women and men’s enzyme dehydrogenase content, body fat content and water content, hormone levels are different. When women and men drinking the same amount alcohol, as women has less enzyme dehydrogenase, and women tend to have a higher percentage of body fat and a lower percentage of water, women tend to have higher BAC level than men.

Weight and Body Type – While people whole has lower body weight tent to be affected more by a given amount of alcohol; people who has a lower percentage of body fact will have lower BAC levels than those with a higher percentage of body fat. As fatty tissue is low in water content and doesn’t absorb alcohol, so the alcohol remains in the bloodstream longer.

Rate of Consumption an Potency of Drinks – The faster alcohol is consumed, the faster BAC level will rise. Drink strength is also a variable that will affect BAC.

Alcohol Tolerance – Alcohol tolerance is only a decrease in the body’s sensitivity to alcohol’s effects, not a measure of how alcohol is processed in the body. That means someone who seems to be handling their rinks can have higher BAC levels than expected.

Mood – Mood can impact the way the body processes alcohol, which can affect BAC. Stress may cause a diversion of blood from the stomach and small intestines to the muscles, and can temporarily slow down the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. Once the body becomes calm, however, a surge in your BAC may occur.

Food and Mixers – Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach will result in higher BAC levels. Food shows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream by keeping the alcohol in the stomach longer. Carbonated drinks such as mixed drinks with sodas may increase the rate at which alcohol passes through your stomach and result in a higher BAC.

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