Professional LCD digital breath alcohol tester drive safety

Professional LCD digital breath alcohol tester drive safety. The role of alcohol in road traffic collisions, particularly those resulting in death and serious injury, is a major international problem. The risk becomes proportionately greater as the alcohol level rises, so that most countries now have legislation which defines the maximum level of alcohol a person may have in his or her body while driving.

professional LCD digital breath alcohol tester

This digital breath alcohol tester with LCD display and mouthpiece is designed to measure the concentration of alcohol in the human body. High quality and highly accurate, it will produce a result in 5 seconds. This device adopts an advanced Electrochemical(fuel cell)sensor which has excellent sensitivity.

As for breath alcohol tester, it has a broad overseas market. Our alcohol tester has been exported to 350 countries and regions, such as America, Europe, South Africa, Colombia etc. Our alcohol testers are highly recommended because of its fine design and high quality. We provide the personal breathalyzers, professional alcohol tester, and coin-operated alcohol tester. Please feel free to contact us for more alcohol tester information via or call +86-371-67169070/80 to speak with product manager about your application.


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