Conveniently detect the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) with personal breathalyzers

Conveniently detect the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) with personal breathalyzers. A breathalyzer is a breath alcohol tester. In other words, it is a device that tests for alcohol in your body through a sample of your breath. The alcohol concentration in your breath sample taken from your lungs is a good indication of the concentration of the alcohol in your blood. Breathalyzers were originally introduced as a solution for reducing the amount of drunk driving related accidents. Since their introduction, they have saved thousands if not millions of lives.

There are two primary categories of breathalyzers

Semiconductor Sensors – For personal and home use, semiconductor sensors are generally cheaper to produce, which in turn makes semiconductor breathalyzers more affordable for consumers. However they are relatively less accurate than fuel cell sensors.

Fuel Cell Sensors – On the other hand, These professional breathalyzers are more sensitive than breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors and provide extremely accurate results. They are also alcohol specific and have a much longer lifespan than semiconductor breathalyzers.


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