Why you really need a fuel cell breath alcohol tester?

You have probably heard about the breath alcohol tester, but may wonder exactly how a person's breath can show how much that person has had to drink. Alcohol is absorbed through your stomach into your blood stream. The blood then passes through your lungs. The concentration of the alcohol in the alveolar air is related to the concentration of the alcohol in the blood. When you blow into a breath alcohol tester your breath passes over a sensor, you can figure the BAC by measuring alcohol on the breath.

What type of sensor does the alcohol tester use? There are two widely used types of sensors: fuel cell, and semi-conductor. Fuel cell sensors have a number of advantages over semi-conductor sensors, but are more costly than semi-conductor sensors.

Advantages of fuel cell sensors include:
Greater accuracy and precision;
Responds only to alcohol – rules out false positives from acetone and other substances that might appear on a person’s breath.

Breath alcohol testers were first developed for use by police, estimate blood alcohol content (BAC) to determine levels of alcohol intoxication. But breath alcohol testers can also be purchased for personal use, either for one to test themselves before driving, or for parents to test their children.

Hanwei Electronics offers a quick, convenient, and highly accurate method of testing for the presence of alcohol. A breath alcohol tester can help you or someone you are with make the right decision when it comes to alcohol and driving. Please feel free to contact us for more alcohol tester information via sales@hwsenser.com or call +86-371-67169070/80 to speak with product manager about your application.


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