Which kind of alcohol tester is suitable for rapid alcohol testing?

AT7000 Professional alcohol tester from Hanwei Electronics's provides rapid results at high levels of accuracy, they are easy to use. This revolutionary device quickly and easily estimates your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) using fuel cell sensor technology to offer the highest level of accuracy and consistency available.

AT7000 professional alcohol tester

Studies show up to 25% of employees report consuming alcohol at least once while on the clock. Therefor, Alcohol testing is used by a variety of employers, most prominent in accident prone environments such as construction and manufacturing as well as trucking, transportation. This is a non-intrusive way that indirectly measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by measuring the amount of alcohol on one 's breath. Police Officers usually use this method to test drivers if they suspect Alcohol is involved.

These breath alcohol tester products are favored by many industries that include but are not limited to transportation, construction, educational institutions, law enforcement, and companies.


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