Why to choose personal breathalyzer

A breathalyzer is a device that very convenient, reliably and accurately detects your blood alcohol content (BAC) level. There is an increasing demand by responsible motorists to be able to use personal breathalyzers to monitor their own alcohol levels. They are designed to be highly affordable, compact and lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for testing one person or some friends and family.

Breathalyzers generally use two types of sensors - semiconductor sensors and fuel cell sensors.

Personal breathalyzers generally use semiconductor sensors because they are more affordable. Fuel cell sensors offer much higher accuracy, a longer working life. More importantly, they are alcohol-specific and will not be affected by other substances in your breath.

If you don’t need product extremely accurate, then a semiconductor breathalyzer like the AT188 personal alcohol tester or the AT6000 alcohol tester is a smart and affordable choice for you.

Hanwei Electronics offers you a wide range of breathalyzers adjusted to needs. The client may purchase simple and practical personal breathalyzer or professional law enforcement alcohol tester used by police, corporations and other services.


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