AT188 Personal alcohol tester - Hanwei Electronics's new breath alcohol tester

Alcohol is very quickly absorbed in to blood. Hence, blood alcohol test is the easiest and fastest way to determine whether a person is in legal levels of consumption or intoxicated. Breath alcohol tester is a device that is used to indicate or estimate the blood alcohol content of a person.

Breath alcohol tester is often used in law enforcement by policemen, especially for suspected drunk driving tests. But did you know you could also test your blood alcohol content level with the personal alcohol tester.

AT188 personal alcohol tester

AT188 Personal alcohol tester features:

Advanced flat surfaced sensor
Portable and small size design
No touch healthy design
Low voltage indication

Personal alcohol tester and law enforcement alcohol tester differ not only in price range but also in functionalities. Personal units are more compact, simple to use.

If you need something much more accurate for personal use and you don't mind spending the money, go for a fuel cell alcohol tester. Fuel cell sensors offer much higher accuracy (with an accuracy range of +/- 0.005%BAC), a longer working life.


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