Personal breathalyzers: do you really need it?

The answer is yes, you need it. Breathalyzer is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. If you drink alcohol you’ll have heard of the personal breathalyzers.

The amount of alcohol in our breath is an indicator of how much alcohol is in our blood. Breathalyzers estimate the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs. If the device is calibrated and used according to the manufacturer's directions, it can provide an accurate estimate of your blood alcohol level. A breathalyzer reading is not a direct measurement of the alcohol in your blood, but it is a very reliable indicator.

AT8030 personal breathalyzer

Always knowing your BAC can really help you make educated decisions.

For personal use, Hanwei Electronics recommend the AT8030 Pocket Size Alcohol Tester and AT8060 Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer both are highly accurate for personal use and great for low volume professional testing as well.


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