The selection and use of breath alcohol tester

It’s not surprising that drunk driving remains the main cause of fatal vehicle crashes. alcohol affects your motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and reflexes. A breath alcohol tester, also known as breathalyzer, is a professional alcohol screening device. It provides accurate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test results instantly. Here you will find a wide variety of breath alcohol screeners for accurate personal and professional screening.

All kinds of alcohol breathalyzers with different designs and features are offered by Hanwei Electronics for you.

Personal units are more compact, simple to use. If you’re buying it for yourself or a friend or family member, browse our range of personal breathalyzers.

personal breathalyzers

Workplace units are designed for testing multiple people and have added functionalities to keep test records, export data, and even print results. If you’re looking to buy one for your workplace to test employees, then take a look at our range of workplace breathalyzers and wall-mounted breathalyzers.

AT7000 police breath alcohol tester

Hanwei Electronics’s Law Enforcement units for roadside testing provide easy, accurate, and trouble-free operation in the field or at the station. The AT7000 police breath alcohol tester has developed into a fast, reliable and accurate alcohol breath testing unit. No matter what kind of alcohol tester, If the device is calibrated and used according to the manufacturer's directions, it can provide an accurate estimate of your blood alcohol level.


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