What is the difference between Semiconductor & Fuel Cell breathalyzers?

Breathalyzer is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. If the device is calibrated and used according to the manufacturer's directions, it can provide an accurate estimate of your blood alcohol level.

There are two primary categories of breathalyzers based on the sensor technology used:

Semiconductor Sensor Breathalyzer – Semiconductor breathalyzers are preferred by many due to their low cost, low power consumption, and small size. Semiconductor breathalyzers are good, affordable options for personal use.

Semiconductor Sensor Breathalyzer

Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer – Fuel cell breathalyzers are the choice for users who want a more accurate device. Fuel cell breathalyzers provide more accurate and consistent BAC results, have a much longer lifespan than semiconductor devices.

Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer

Our range of personal breathalyzers include both semiconductor and fuel cell technology, whereas all law enforcement alcohol tester use fuel cell technology.


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