How to find the right personal breathalyzer for yourself

As law enforcement continues to increase penalties for drunk driving, It is wise to purchase a personal breathalyzer device. Breathalyzer is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. alcohol breath analysers estimate the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs.

Police officers commonly use breathalyzer devices to determine if alcohol has been consumed by the driver. Why not avoid problems by testing yourself in advance, right?

Browse our range of Fuel Cell personal breathalyzers
AT8030 Pocket Size Alcohol Tester
AT8060 Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

These breathalyzers are more sensitive than breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors and provide extremely accurate results.

Browse our range of Semiconductor personal breathalyzers
AT188 Personal Alcohol Tester
AT6000 Alcohol Tester

For personal and home use, these breath alcohol testers are the least expensive / accurate.


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