Why your workers needs a workplace breathalyzer?

Workplace alcohol and drug testing can be a controversial topic, However, workplace alcohol testing is increasingly important due to the rising rates of alcohol use in the workplace. In Australia, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is commonplace not only in safety-critical industries like mining and construction, but also in the white collar industry.

Using non-invasive breath alcohol testers to perform alcohol testing on employees makes good economic sense. The Hanwei Electronics is your choice for pre-employment, post-accident, random, and any other type of workplace breath alcohol testing.

Workplace breathalyzers and personal breathalyzers differ not only in price range but also in functionalities. Personal units are more compact, simple to use, and straightforward, whereas workplace breathalyzer units are designed for testing multiple people and have added functionalities to keep test records, export data, and even print results. Depdnding on requirements, some personal breathalyzers can also be suitable for workplace testing, especially if only a small number of people need to be tested.
View AT8020 Alcohol Breath Analyzer
View AT8100 Alcohol Tester with Bluetooth Printer

If you’re looking to buy one for your workplace to test employees, then take a look at our range of workplace breathalyzers and wall-mounted breathalyzers.


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