Why personal breathalyzers are getting more popular?

Whether at a gathering of family and friends or a work event, it can sometimes be difficult to know when that one last drink pushes you over the legal limit to drive.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a alcohol test in advance to make sure you blood-alcohol concentration not at or above 0.08 percent? In fact, you can. That is one reason why breathalyzers have become popular.

There are two main types of personal breathalyzers on the market, largely based on the type of sensors they use to detect alcohol: a semiconductor oxide sensor or a fuel cell sensor.

Semiconductor breathalyzers, offer benefits, including low cost, low power consumption and small size. They’re a cheap and simple option for casual home use. For regular use, semiconductor sensors will need calibration at least twice per year to maintain their moderate degree of accuracy.
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Fuel cell breathalyzers, fuel cells are better at providing both highly accurate and more consistent BAC results, but are often pricier compared to non-fuel cell models.
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If you are interested in getting the highest level of accuracy in your readings, our recommendation is to spend the extra money on a personal breathalyzer that uses fuel cell sensor technology.


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