Doubts about wall mounted breathalyzers? Get answers

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to determine what your blood alcohol content level was before leaving the bar…without having to use the guessing method? Some restaurants and bars are installing wall mounted breathalyzers in their establishments so that customers can check their BAC level for a minimal fee.

Wall mounted breathalyzer(coin-operated breathalyzer) use with cylindrical straw to take a breath test. Simple, lower cost and provides a more accurate breath sample for a breath test. An excellent, fixed alcohol testing device for work sites, bar, and public places.

AT319 Wall Mounted Breathalyzer

The AT319 is available in coin operation. Using Fuel Cell technology, this wall mounted breathalyzer provides fast and accurate analysis allowing workers or patrons to be tested ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.
View AT319 Coin Operated Alcohol Tester

By encouraging customers or club members to take a breath test after a few drinks, businesses can help to promote responsible drinking and driving at the same time. Furthermore, the wall mounted breathalyzers can be used to generate extra passive income.


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