How to select a breathalyzer for your needs

When alcohol absorbs into your blood stream, it becomes possible to determine an individual's degree of intoxication by ascertaining the alcohol concentration percentage in the person's blood -- known as "blood alcohol concentration" ("BAC"). The fastest way to obtain a blood alcohol reading is through the use of a breath testing device because it is quick and less expensive.

Many factors should be considered when selecting a breathalyzer.

First and foremost, What is the main purpose for your breathalyzer? Will it be for personal use or professional use. The sensor is the component inside a breathalyzer that reads and interprets your BAC. For personal use there are two types to consider, fuel cell sensors and semi-conductor sensors. For professional use(Law Enforcement or Workplace), a fuel cell breathalyzer may be your first choice.
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Secondly, How will you be using your breathalyzer?

Semiconductor sensors are typically used for breathalyzers undergoing low-volumes of testing. They’re a cheap and simple option for casual home use. Although semiconductor breathalyzers are not quite as accurate as fuel cell breathalyzers, the lower cost makes them ideal for personal use. The higher quality ones can also be used for workplace alcohol testing.

But for reliable accuracy and any significant volume of testing. Fuel cells are better at providing both highly accurate and more consistent BAC results and have added functionalities to keep test records, export data, and even print results.


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