How often should I calibrate my personal breathalyzer?

Personal breathalyzers are accurate, compact, and convenient to use. Results are displayed in seconds and could save your life. On top of that, a personal breathalyzer can be very handy to keep an eye on your blood alcohol level (BAC) and how much influence alcohol has over your body.
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What is calibration? Why do i need to get my breathalyzer recalibrated?

The calibration process is an adjustment to your sensor in the unit to make sure it is displaying a predetermined readout at a set BAC level. The sensor element in breathalyzers will degrade over time, If the sensor becomes saturated, then the results of the device can become skewed. Calibration will help your breathalyzer be more accurate and last longer.

When should you calibrate your breathalyzer?

All breathalyzers sold by Hanwei Electronics are pre-calibrated before they are shipped to you so no calibration is needed right after purchase.

Depending on the amount of use your breathalyzer gets it is recommended to have it calibrated every 1-6 months or 100-500 tests, depending on the type of breathalyzer, sensor used, frequency of use and manufacturer’s specifications.
It repeatedly provides unusually high test results or even goes beyond the maximum.
If in between short periods of time the results are very different.
All breathalyzers should be recalibrated at a minimum of every 12 months irrespective of use because the calibration setting can drift over time whether or not it is used.


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