Low cost breathalyzer for personal use

Why should you consider acquiring a personal breathalyzer?

DUI’s can have serious repercussions in people’s lives including injury, loss of job and suspended license. The best practice to follow when you have been drinking is to avoid driving altogether. However, some people purchase personal breathalyzers in order to gauge their own BAC so that they can drive as soon as possible after drinking. It might just save your life and those of other road users!
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Breathalyzers estimate BAC based on a breath sample, and will not be as accurate as when a sample of blood is tested for alcohol content. Most breathalyzers use one of two technologies to detect Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): a semiconductor sensor or a fuel cell sensor.

Semiconductor sensor technology is generally cheaper than fuel cell sensor technology. Semiconductor breathalyzers are good, affordable options for personal use. The higher quality ones can also be used for limited clinical or workplace alcohol testing.

Our range of personal breathalyzers include both semiconductor and fuel cell technology, whereas all professional-grade breathalyzers use fuel cell technology.

Who should use a breathalyzer

We strongly recommend a breathalyzer for teen drivers, college students, socially active adults and anyone with a Commercial Driver’s License.


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