What type of technology do your personal breathalyzers have?

A personal breathalyzer is a portable, handheld device that measures a user’s breath alcohol content (BrAC). These personal breathalyzers vary in cost, but are generally quite affordable. And of course, they’re cheaper than getting a DUI.

Personal breathalyzers typically either have a semiconductor sensor or a fuel cell sensor. Semiconductor units are more budget-friendly and give a good indication of your BAC level, while fuel cell units are more expensive, but give an alcohol-specific, more accurate BAC reading.
View AT188 Personal Breathalyzer (Semiconductor sensor)
View AT8030 Portable Breathalyzer (Fuel cell sensor)

Semiconductor breathalyzers generally require more frequent calibration, whereas fuel cell devices can remain accurate for thousands of tests. Calibration helps ensure that your device is operating correctly, and is an inexpensive way to greatly increase the useful life of your breath alcohol detector.

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