How to find the right personal breathalyzer for your family

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a major cause of road accidents. For one, a DUI on your record is costly and you can lose your career and income. Multiple offenses will result in having your driver's license revoked--which is sure to impact your work and social lives. The other option would be to buy a personal breathalyzer and use it to find out if taking a cab back home would be the wiser option.

Personal breathalyzers are compact, and convenient to use. But the accuracy of the test may vary, depending on the technology used. There are two main breathalyzers types:

AT8030 Portable Personal Breathalyzer

Fuel Cell: Fuel cell sensor are more accurate and provide more consistent BAC results even with consecutive tests. They are also alcohol specific and have a much longer lifespan than semiconductor breathalyzers. However, they are more costly to produce.
View AT8030 Portable Breathalyzer(Fuel cell sensor)

Semiconductors: Semiconductors are generally cheaper. Unfortunately price usually reflects accuracy and longevity. Semiconductor sensors are typically used for breathalyzers undergoing low-volumes of testing. They’re a cheap and simple option for casual home use.
View AT198 Personal Alcohol Tester(Semiconductor sensor)

Personal Breathalyzer applies for family members and friends who tend to drink often and drive.

Our top picks vary in price and size, so it should be easy for you to pick the one that best suits your unique needs.


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