Personal fuel cell breathalyzer: Do you really need it?

Driving drunk can have life-changing consequence, from injury and death to arrest and skyrocketing insurance premiums. But all of this is completely avoidable if you buy the right type of breathalyzer.

The personal breathalyzer is gaining popularity among adults over 21 who wish to monitor their own alcohol use to avoid driving while legally intoxicated.

AT8030 personal fuel cell breathalyzer

For Accuracy, You Want Fuel Cell Technology
Among the growing list of personal breathalyzers, those that use fuel cell-based technology seem to have much higher accuracy rates and are used by law enforcement. Because prices for fuel cell units have dropped in recent years, they are becoming popular for personal use, too.

Simply put, this fuel cell sensor is highly selective for ethanol. A breathalyzer based on this type of sensor is typically very accurate, precise, allows for repeatable values, and maintains these characteristics for an extremely long time in comparison to, for example, a semiconductor-based breathalyzer.
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If all you are concerned about is screening for the presence of alcohol — if this person has been drinking — then a semiconductor breathalyzer is OK.


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