Semiconductor personal breathalyzer selection guide

Personal breathalyzers are designed to provide you with a BAC estimate. The accuracy of breathalyzers depends on the quality and correct use of the device.

Semiconductor Sensor Breathalyzers
The presence of semiconductor units has increased rapidly over the past few years. The main advantage with semiconductor units is that they are relatively inexpensive. To learn more about why Semiconductor sensor breathalyzers are growing in their usage, here is a more detailed selection guide.
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Readable results: A breathalyzer should make reading and interpreting the results of a BAC test simple. Big, bright, or backlit numbers are best for reading inside a dimly lit bar.

A way to share: ‘Personal’meaning you’d like to test yourself, family, and friends, be it for fun or proving that someone is unfit to drive. Having replaceable mouthpieces is a great way to remove a friend’s (valid) concerns about germs, and using them also makes the device’s readings a bit more accurate.

Semiconductor devices are inappropriate for those interested in accurate BAC measurement. For a breathalyzer that is more accurate,look for a model that uses fuel cell censors.
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