Fuel cell sensors: Personal breath alcohol tester sensor

To test for the presence of alcohol on someone’s breath you need a alcohol tester that is portable, easy to use, accurate and consistent. At the heart of the device is the sensor. With the laws are becoming stricter the need for an accurate personal breath alcohol tester has become more and more necessary.

Fuel cell sensor technology is one of the most advanced methods for determining levels of alcohol intoxication. Because prices for fuel cell units have dropped in recent years. Consumers now have access to the same high quality technology as law enforcement professionals for personal alcohol testing.

If you are looking for the accurate personal alcohol tester, you've found it. The AT8030 is the premium model personal breath alcohol tester.

The AT8030 alcohol tester incorporates fuel-cell sensor, which is not subject to interference from acetone and offers enhanced linear accuracy over traditional semi-conductor sensors.


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