Professional alcohol breath analyzer with printer

Portable breathalyzers are designed to provide you with a BAC estimate. The accuracy of portable breathalyzers depends on the quality and correct use of the device. Before purchasing a alcohol breath analyzer, it is important to research each model’s accuracy.

Breathalyzers are generally divided into the two categories of professional use or personal use. Professional-grade breathalyzers offer extremely high accuracy and sensitivity and employ fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology that is used by law enforcement officials for roadside DOT alcohol testing.

AT8900 Professional breathalyzer has design based on Fuel Cell sensor, 2.83" OLED with touch screen, It has simplified keyboard with touch panel. AT8900 can able to store 20,000 test results and the data can be printed out through a printer or managed in PC.
View AT8900 Alcohol Tester with Inbuilt Printer

Oxide-based semiconductor breathalyzers are cheaper and smaller, but they need more frequent calibration and are generally less accurate than the fuel-cell type.

How often do you plan to use the alcohol breath analyzer?
If you expect to use it a lot, (eg over 200 times per year) then a fuel cell sensor will suit you best. A fuel cell sensor holds it calibration much better and withstands more use than a semi-conductor sensor. If you expect to test yourself 'occasionally' then a semi-conductor sensor may suit you best.


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