Advantages of Using Fuel Cell Sensor Breathalyzer

In general, a breath alcohol tester is otherwise known as a breathalyzer, is a bit of hardware intended to gauge a person's BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) from a specimen of their breath. In contrast to blood analysis, portable breathalyzer testing has advantages that reduce administration time, provides quicker results, and can be conducted in the field.

Breathalyzers can employ two technologies:
Semiconductor: a strip of reactive metal is heated and a current is run through it. Alcohol changes the current, and that change corresponds to the amount of alcohol present.
Fuel Cell: platinum electrodes are oxidized by alcohol, generating a measurable current, which the device measures and translates into a BAC reading—the stronger the electric current, the higher the alcohol content of your breath.

The reason why fuel cell sensor has high accuracy is that platinum electrodes oxidized only with alcohol molecular and the oxidization volume is proportional with alcohol concentration which help to get very accurate test result.
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Once you own a breathalyzer, it becomes easy to measure the level of alcohol in your blood. Since they’re portable and compact, you can carry them with you and easily measure your BAC.

Another major benefit is the fact that the results are instant. When you need to check your blood alcohol level, it’s important to get instant results. A modern breathalyzer can display your BAC within seconds.

Since a breathalyzer can measure your BAC and prevent you from climbing into a dangerous situation, it has the potential to save your life.


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