The Importance of A Personal BAC Alcohol Tester

Are You As Sober As You Think?
Have you ever wondered exactly how drunk you are during a night of drinking? Worried that you might be over the drink driving limit, or that friends may be considering driving drunk? For example, if you measured 0.160mg/L when you stopped drinking, you may feel ready to drive. Problem is, the level of alcohol in your body may still be way too high, even though you feel just fine.

So, how can you know if you have really recovered from several drinks? A personal alcohol tester can be a very useful device in this sort of situation because it can help you make the responsible decision. It can also be useful if you are trying to persuade a friend not to drive — hard to argue against clear data!

What is a Alcohol Tester? What is its purpose?
A breath alcohol tester or breathalyzer is a device used to quantitatively measure the concentration of alcohol in an individual’s blood, otherwise known as the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in their system.

Personal breathalyzers empower individuals to test their personal BAC levels before they drive. These breathalyzers differ from active breathalysers in that they are designed to be used by individuals. Drivers can objectively measure their BAC and make a responsible choice not to drive.

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