Use a breathalyzer to see if you are drunk or not?

Use a breathalyzer to see if you are drunk or not?“Drunk” is a fairly subjective term, A person's BAC will vary based on many factors, but primarily on the amount of alcohol consumed, the person's gender, body type, and the time passed since the alcohol was consumed. It's important to know the legal limit for your country and state. Alcohol affects every person differently, These breathalyzers are more of a guide to help you better understand your limit so that you can make smarter decisions.

Personal alcohol tester (semiconductor sensor) – For personal and home use, these breath alcohol testers are the least expensive / accurate.

Professional alcohol tester (fuel cell sensor) – These professional-grade breathalyzers are more sensitive than breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors and provide extremely accurate results.

Stocking your car or home with a breathalyzer is a great idea because it can let you know if you -- or your guests -- are legally able to drive.


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