The pros and cons of law enforcement grade breathalyzer

Breath analyzers do not directly measure blood alcohol content or concentration, which requires the analysis of a blood sample. Instead, they estimate BAC indirectly by measuring the amount of alcohol in one's breath.

There are different types of breathalyzer devices available. You can get simple personal breathalyzers and professional law enforcement grade breathalyzers like those used by police for suspected drunk drivers. Click here for a list of Law Enforcement Breathalyzers available.

Better accuracy
Law enforcement grade breathalyzer are consistently accurate across a wide alcohol concentration range from .000 to .400 BAC and has advanced features including data logging, printer, and more.

Long working life
Unlike Semiconductor devices that have a shorter life span, Fuel Cell law enforcement breathalyzers have an expected working life of 3-5 years.

Different range of prices
Law Enforcement breath analyzers are more expensive, More suitable for the law enforcement department or a large number of tests.

If you’re buying it for yourself or a friend or family member, browse our range of personal breathalysers.


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