Personal breath alcohol tester – Alcohol testing at home

About half of all alcohol-related traffic crash deaths involve drivers with BACs of at least 0.16 or higher. (BAC is alcohol breath concentration.) Drivers with high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) are at much greater risk of traffic crashes. This means more injuries and deaths.

Breath alcohol tester do not measure a person's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), as this would require a blood test, but rather they measure the concentration of alcohol on a person's breath to estimate their BAC.

More and more families have found peace of mind by using Breathalyzers to monitor teen drivers and family members with alcohol issues. The two most common forms of personal breath alcohol tester technology include:

Semiconductor Testers: These devices are the most common at-home alcohol testing devices on the market. These testers use a sensor that is formed from a small and inexpensive bead of metal oxide. These devices are affordable and sufficient for personal usage.
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Fuel Cell Testers: They may be slightly more expensive than semiconductor devices, but they are more stable and durable in the long run, providing more precise BAC results over time. They also require calibration less often.
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