Personal breathalyzers protecting your family members from drink driving hazards

Drink driving is a common scenario that is unfortunately all too common in today’s society. If you find yourself frequently out drinking, a personal breathalyzer is a device you need to own. This device is best used to help your family members and friends make responsible decisions after consuming alcohol.

AT8030 personal breathalyzer

Who Needs A Personal Breathalyzer? View Personal Breathalyzers

The primary user of a personal breathalyzer is someone who finds themselves frequently consuming alcohol. There are a number of key benefits of testing your own alcohol level:
Improve safety
Save you your life, your family's life
Save your money

Breathalyzer is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. When you are starting to think about driving, use the breathalyzer and find out your actual blood alcohol level. This estimate of blood alcohol is not intended to represent your actual driving abilities. Your driving may be impaired even with a low BAC level, such as below 0.05.

If you are interested in being able to test your BAC on a regular basis, There are many kinds of personal breathalyzers to choose from. Consult with Hanwei Electronics to determine the best device for you.


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