Things you should know about police breath alcohol tester

A breath alcohol tester is a handheld device that monitors a user’s BAC. Law enforcement officials use breathalyzers to determine whether drivers and other individuals are impaired by alcohol but have also become increasingly popular in the consumer market. Personal breathalyzers allow a user to monitor his or her own alcohol level before driving.

AT7000 Police Breath Alcohol Tester

This type of device makes the job of law enforcement much easier as the Breathalyzer test can be conducted on the spot. This quick test precludes the impracticality of having to send the suspect to a lab for a blood draw.
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The sensor is the component inside a breath alcohol tester that reads and interprets your BAC. For law enforcement officials use, Fuel cell breathalyzers require a shorter startup time and can perform consecutive readings accurately without interruption.

Law enforcement grade fuel cell alcohol testers are used by police around the world for their accuracy and portability, especially for applications such as random breath testing. Police breathalyzers are designed for testing multiple people and have added functionalities to keep test records, export data, and even print results.

Furthermore, all breathalyzers must be calibrated to ensure their ongoing accuracy. The reason a calibration is needed is because your breath alcohol tester sensor can become saturated after many repeated uses and can begin to skew your readings, making your device inaccurate.


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