How to find the right workplace breathalyzer for your business

There are numerous legitimate reasons why using an alcohol breathalyzer can prove beneficial. Workplace safety is a primary consideration. Alcohol in the workplace is the cause millions of dollars in damages, injuries, and deaths every year in North America. Those in the construction, oil & gas, and heavy labor related industries face the greatest risk of all.

Portable breathalyzers using fuel cell technology have been in widespread professional use for over 25 years in law enforcement, the workplace, corrections, and related markets.

Hanwei Electronics is the premier manufacturer in personal and professional breathalyzers. Our top picks vary in price and size. Your choice will be determined on your needs and requirements.
View AT8020 Alcohol Breath Analyzer
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For workplace or industrial use we recommend a using a fuel cell unit at a minimum, these units only respond to alcohol and designed for testing multiple people and have added functionalities to keep test records, export data, and even print results.


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